Town of Skowhegan Compost Facility

Maine Compost School—(photos by Mark King, Maine DEP)

Town of Skowhegan Compost Facility-Farmington, Maine

Turned Windrow System—Randy Gray, Operator

This community has been composting leaf and yard debris for well over two decades at their transfer station located to their closed-out landfill.  The technology is quite simple, piles of leaves and horse-bedding are created and turned using the facilities’ frontend loader.  In 2010, the community was awarded a state grant to upgrade the composting site to include an asphalt surface that measure 100′ long by 100′ wide.   In early 2013, the Town  began a food scrap collection program from local residents.  The food scraps are added to the horse-bedding to create a gourmet compost blend.  Each spring, the Town offers all of its compost to the citizens for no cost, and it usually disappears quickly as it is highly valued by the community.