Pat Jackson Septic Compost Facility

Pat Jackson Septic Compost Facility-Belgrade, Maine

 Green Mountain Technologies,“ComptainerTM”, In-Vessel System—Pauline Dube, Owner

Monday Afternoon

 Maine Compost School—2013 (Photos by Mark King, Maine DEP)

This site in Belgrade, Maine has a containerized (in-vessel) compost system designed and built by Green Mountain Technologies. As of May 2013, it is the only system of this type in Maine.

The site also includes a dewatering facility for the septage and a windrow compost operation. The Green Mountain Technologies containers are used as the first stage of the compost process in which the requirements for pathogen and vector attraction reduction are met.

The partially composted material is then placed in turned windrows to complete the composting process.

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Receiving AreaIncoming septage and fryolator grease are processed through a waste activated treatment process, combined with a polymer, and then gravity de-watered through a Green Mountain Technologies “DetainerTM” system.

De-watered solids are then transported to the facilities receiving area and pre-bulked with sawdust shavings.

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Composting Area-More sawdust shavings and finished compost are added and thoroughly blended using a Reel Auggie® Mixer.

The final recipe (1 part dewatered solids, 1 part sawdust shavings, and ½ part finished compost is then loaded into the “Comptainer®” System using a conveyor.

The compost cooks, under forced aeration, in the container for five to seven days, to meet EPA pathogen reduction standards of three consecutive days at 55 degrees C.

Odorous emissions are exhausted through a biofilter.

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Curing Area-Following the “Active” compost phase, the containers are opened and dumped.

The compost is formed into windrows and allowed to finish composting for 6-9 months.

The final product is double-screened and sold to contractors for use in topsoil manufacture and turf enhancement.