MB Bark, “We Compost It” Compost Facility

This facility is located in Auburn, Maine and they collect food scraps from businesses and residents throughout the southern Maine area.  The facility is owned by MB Bark and operated in cooperation with “We Compost It”.  The Compost Process is as follows:

Receiving Area-Food scraps collected from central and southern Maine residences and business are collected in an (18 yard capacity) repurposed garbage truck by “We Compost It” and delivered to the MB Bark Compost Facility (located in Auburn) for processing.  The load is dumped onto a bed of one year-old  leaves and other carbonaceous amendments.

Composting -The Compost mixture is thoroughly blended using large frontend loaders and is composted under cover for the active compost phase (turned weekly) and then  transferred to the facilities’ asphalt composting pad where it is formed into large windrows for thecuring phase.  Once the compost is finished, it is screened and then sold in bulk form.