“Living Acres” Compost Facility

“Living Acres” Compost Facility-New Sharon, Maine

Turned Aerated Piles—Tony Ramsey, Operator

Tuesday Afternoon

Maine Compost School—2013 (photos by Mark King)

Tony Ramsey, (Living Acres), New Sharon
Living Acres produces agricultural compost products at its site in New Sharon.  Tony Ramsey has made many interesting uses and modifications of farm equipment in this enterprise.

Adapting and modifying equipment is a real specialty that helps cut their overhead costs.


Living Acres 1


Living Acres 2


Living Acres 3


Receiving/Composting –Creating a “Gourmet” product with a guaranteed analysis is the foundation of Tony’s business.

To ensure this, he buys all of his feedstocks:  sawdust shavings, dry chicken manure, turkey offal, perlite.  Feedstocks are bulked mixed in the receiving building and then fed into the aerated composting bays using a modified manure spreader.

Piles are then aerated for 21-42 days, and turned multiple times during the process.

Living Acres 4


Living Acres 5



Living Acres 6



Living Acres 7


Curing/Screening/Blending:  After the active composting is completed, materials are transferred into long-term curing, where it is screened and blended into a multitude of products.

Tony’s line, “KOMPOST” features numerous blends suited for the average homeowner, up to the serious organic farmer.

By producing a quality product with a guaranteed analysis on the bag, Tony is able to demand a premium price for his product line.