Large Animal Carcass Compost Training Opportunity

Dr. Bill Layering Chicken Mortalities

The Maine Compost Team offers an animal carcass management training based upon demand. The training will prepare participants for deployment in the event of a foreign animal disease (FAD) outbreak or natural disaster to assist with the disposal of carcasses utilizing the composting process.

This is an experiential based program utilizing hands-on activities, problem solving scenarios and demonstrations that will prepare participants for actual field situations.

Training Goals:

  • To foster a community that is prepared to rapidly and expertly respond to animal disasters.
  • To provide participants core compost concepts that can be applied to many different situations.
  • To gained competencies in carcass mortality management as well as have materials to be shared with others.
  • To learn how to assess and trouble shoot unique issues to effectively use compost as a disposal tool.

For more information about the training, contact Mark Hutchinson at, 207.832.0343.

This course will fill up fast, so early registration is encouraged.  You may register at the following link:

Animal Carcass Class Registration





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