Maine Compost Team Publications:


A.  Carcass and Slaughterhouse Offal Management

Observations of Static Pile Composting of Large Animal Carcasses Using Different Media

Best Management Practices for Carcass Composting 2011

Overcoming Challenges Associated with Carcass Management-A White Paper


Slaughterhouse Waste-Bones-MH

Composting Large Animal Carcasses

Composting Slaughterhouse Wastes-B. Seekins

Pile Structure in Large Animal Carcass Compost Piles:  Zone Differences in Physical and Chemical Characteristics


B.  Leachate Evaluation

King et al


C.  Organics Recovery and Management

Compost Guide.2013

10 Steps to Starting a School Composting Operation

D.  Other Team Articles-No Links

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