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Sandy River Compost-Compost Pile

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Members of the Maine Compost Team are available to assist municipalities and regional public efforts in discussion from the ‘pre-planning’ phase of their possible composting program through the development of marketing options for the finished compost.

Municipalities may have different issues of concern regarding the management of the organics available in their community or region than a privately operated composting facility may have. The Compost Team has assisted many municipal composting programs over the years and is able to share that experience with you.  Often, a municipal composting program starts with leaf and yard discarded organics and can expand over time to include food scraps, animal manures and other organics that may be available.  Additionally, there may be a farmer or two in the area that would be willing to assist the municipality and we could help that possibility.

Facility Operators

Members of the Maine Compost Team are available to assist facility operators from the ‘pre-planning’ phase of their composting operations through discussion of marketing options of the finished compost.  While attending the week-long Maine Compost School will provide a compost facility operator with information on the biology of composting, development of recipes, and field trips to active composting facilities, sometimes what is planned or tried works as well as hoped, and quality compost is not being created.

Through the experience of the Compost Team, we can work with you, the facility operator, to identify and clarify the issues impacting your operation and recommend alternatives to improve the compost being produced.   Whether the issue may be the challenges of identifying or obtaining a possible feedstock, to challenges with the composting process itself, we are available to help you understand the difficulty and work with you to correct it.